What is a Core and what are core charges?

Certain types of products we sell at JF Petroleum contain cores, which can be recycled or remanufactured for future sale. The original manufacturers of products that contain cores, apply a “core charge” to these products, that represents a type of deposit on the portion of the product that can be recycled or remanufactured. More simply put, a core is the old part or item in need of replacement. Core charges are designed to encourage the return of old/used parts or items back to JF Petroleum, and then we in turn, will return those old/used parts or items back to the original manufacturer for recycling or remanufacturing.

Examples of products we sell at JF Petroleum that contain cores are: point of sale systems, any type of electronic equipment containing printed circuit boards, motors, pumps, meters, nozzles etc.

Core Charges

When we sell an item that contains a core, the sales price represents the price of the item itself, and the additional core charge is a deposit paid by our customer to encourage the return of the old item for remanufacturing purposes. The core charge is refunded back to the customer when the customer returns the core to JF Petroleum. Providing that the old core is in acceptable condition upon return, JF Petroleum will refund the core charge. Beginning August 1st, 2017, JF Petroleum will invoice the item/part and core charge separately for all purchases of items containing cores.

Core Return Policy

When you purchase an item with a core with a corresponding core charge from JF Petroleum, you have 30 days from the date of shipment to return the old core back to JF Petroleum. JF Petroleum will provide a return authorization and a return shipping label with every product sold that requires a core return. Simply place the old item/core in the original item box along with the return authorization document, place the shipping label on the box, and give the box to the carrier specified on the shipping label (normally UPS). If you misplace the return authorization or did not receive one, simply request a new one utilizing our Return Goods Authorization request form located in our return policy section of our terms & conditions.

It is our goal to return the core deposit of every customer. However, refunds are not given when a core is damaged beyond repair, incomplete, broken, stripped of components, does not match the new item purchased, or cores returned without the original packaging of the newly purchased item. Please allow two weeks to receive your core refund from the date we receive the core.

The JF Petroleum 30-day core return policy is independent of your invoice payment terms. Invoices containing core charges must be paid within terms to keep your account current. If a core is returned prior to the invoice payment terms elapsing, JF Petroleum will issue the corresponding credit to the invoice, and your balance due will be adjusted accordingly.